13 September 2011

Kanji Lesson 8

By J. Stephen Conn (Flickr)
CC BY-NC 2.0
Picture of a mountain with 3 peaks.

  •  火山 (かざん) Volcano

By Island 2000
Trust Conservation (Flickr)
CC BY-NC 2.0
River, Stream
Picture of a river stream.

  • 小川 (おがわ) Streamlet, Brook

Woods, Thicket
Consist of 2 trees (木) to represent a group of several trees forming a thicket.

Consist of 3 trees (木) to represent lots of trees forming a forest.

By shooh (Flickr)
CC BY 2.0
Above, Up
Picture of the upper part (the branches) of a tree that's above the ground.

  • 目上(めうえ) Superior(s), Senior
  • 上手 (じょうず) Skillful

By Milkwooders (Flickr)
Below, Under
Picture of the lower part (the roots) of a tree that's under the ground.

  • 目下(めした) Subordinate(s), Inferior(s), Junior
  • 下手 (へた) Unskillful

Negative, Non-, Bad
Picture of someone making a "batsu" by crossing both hands in front of his/her chest. "Batsu" is a Japanese body language / gesture  that means "not good" or "no way".
  • 不安 (ふあん) Anxiety
  • 不明 (ふめい) Unknown, Obscure, Uncertain

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