About This Blog

This blog is a manifestation of my desire to share what I've learned about Japanese Kanji. The greatest hurdle I experienced in learning the Kanji is the lack of a mean to remember those characters in a sensible way. Rote memorization is not an option for me, since I personally dislike it, and think that it's neither a smart nor efficient way of learning considering the number of characters (2000+ for Jouyou Kanji). Many mnemonics I've found from other sources are of a little help, since only a few of them make sense for me, and so I decided to create myself a mnemonic or association for the rest of the characters.
I try as much as possible to present the characters in order of their Jouyou Grade level. But there might be a case where two or more characters that belong to different Grade can be associated to each other so that it will be beneficial for the learning process, and in which case those characters might appear in the post ahead of their level. I'll try to update this blog regularly as my own study progresses. Comments & suggestions are welcome. がんばってください。 \(^o^)/