28 September 2011

Kanji Lesson 10

Consist of Power/Strength (力) and Rice-field (田) to describe men, those who work on rice fields with their strength.

  • 男の人(おとこのひと) Man
  • 男の子(おとこのこ) Boy

By pchgorman (Flickr)
Picture of round objects (口) under the cliff to represent the meaning of stones. Notice that the cliff here has a protruding edge.

  • 石川 (いしかわ) Ishikawa (one of the Prefecture in Japan)
  • 化石 (かせき) Fossil

courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey
Coming out, Emerging
Consist of two mountain (山) to describe a smaller mountain (a lava dome) that's coming out of a bigger mountain (a volcano). A lava dome is a common feature of a volcano. It grows over a long period of time and can reach heights of several hundred meters before it either erupts or collapses. After that, another lava dome is formed and the cycle continues.

  • 出口 (でぐち) Exit
  • 出力 (しゅつりょく) Output
  • 見出し (みだし) Subtitle, Index
  • 出生 (しゅっしょう) Birth

Workman, Craft
By jamesjyu (Flickr)
Picture of a building's pillar to represent human's craftmanship.

  • 人工 (じんこう) Artificial, Manmade
  • 大工 (だいく) Carpenter
  • 工学 (こうがく) Engineering

(リツ、リュウ、た.つ、 た.てる)
Stand up 
Picture of the middle lower part (torso, hip & legs) of a person standing on the ground. 

  • 目立つ (めだつ)  To be conspicuous, To stand out
  • 立ち上がる (たちあがる)  To get up

Stop, Halt
Picture of a small plant above the ground (small vertical line at the left side) which growth has stopped, while another plant next to it is still branching & growing up (上).

  • 中止 (ちゅうし)  Suspension, Stoppage

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