29 June 2012

Kanji Lesson 19

Dry, Parch
This kanji is a picture of a two-level T-shaped clothesline post.

This kanji is a picture of a clothesline with the outline of the sun in the background that coincides with the upper level of the T-shaped post. This represents the time at which the position of the sun is high, but not necessarily right on top of our head. Noon is generally defined as the time between 11 a.m and 1 p.m.

Half, Middle
This kanji is a combination of a picture of something being split right in the middle, and the kanji for "two" (二). Together they represent the meaning of something divided into two equal parts, each of which is half the original size.
  • 半年 (はんねん) Half year

Even, Flat, Peace
This kanji is a picture of a pair of clothespin on a clothesline. The function of a clothespin is to keep the clothes in its place, so that they are evenly distributed and resting "peacefully" along the clothesline. Without clothespins, the clothes will be in chaos when blown by a strong wind.

Consists of a version of the "human" radical on top, and the kanji for "mother" (母). Notice that in this kanji, the two dots of 母 are connected to make a line. Every human is born of a mother.
  • 毎日 (まいにち) Every day
  • 毎月 (まいげつ、まいつき) Every month
  • 毎年 (まいねん、まいとし) Every year

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