26 July 2011

Kanji Lesson 2

(ハク, ビャク, しろ.い)
By basekamp2010 (Flickr)
Consist of sun (日)  with a dot on top. White is the color of the sun beam when it's "on top"  of our head (noon), as opposed to its color during sunset/sunrise.
  • 白い (しろい) White (color)
  • 白人(はくじん) White people (Caucasian)

(タイ, タ, ふと.い, ふと.る)
Consist of big (大) and a dot in the middle. Picture of a fat (big) person with his navel (the dot) "peeking out" of his shirt.
  • 太い (ふとい) Fat

 (ケン, いぬ)
By ptc24 (Flickr)
CC BY 2.0

Consist of big (大) and a dot in the head area (upper right) that represent a nose. Dogs are animal with a "big nose". As we all know, one of the reason why canines have been very helpful to humans is because of their strong olfactory sense, and since we've had the word "bigmouth" for someone who talks around too much, now we have "bignose" for something that sniffs around too much, in a good sense :p 
  • 子犬(こいぬ) Puppy

Mouth, Gate/door
Picture of a gate or a wide open mouth.

  • 入口 (いりぐち)  Entrance

(モク, め)
Picture of an eye that is rotated 90 degree into a vertical shape.
  • 目的 (もくてき) Purpose、Objective
  • 一目 (ひとめ) a glance/glimpse
  • 人目 (ひとめ) Public notice

(ジ, みみ)
Picture of a right ear. The two lines in the middle represent the concha (a hollow part next to the ear canal)
  • 耳目 (じもく) Eye and ear, One's attention

(ゲツ, ガツ, つき)
Moon, month
Picture of a crescent moon.. with an eye in the middle v^-^
  • 月曜日 (げつようび) Monday
  • 一月 (いちがつ) January

Picture of a moon (月) that's barely visible in the horizon
  • 夕べ(ゆうべ) Evening, Last night
  • 夕がた (ゆうがた)  Evening/dusk
  • 夕食 (ゆうしょく)  Dinner

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